Lookback Window

Measuring how effective an advertisement is can often be tricky. What may be considered a success for one business doesn't necessarily translate to all businesses, which is why Audiohook makes it easy and customizable to your needs! Simply define which action means success to you, and we can tell you how frequently someone who heard your ad performed that action!

Collecting Listener Information

When your advertisement is played, Audiohook receives information about the listener, which we can then use, thanks to the pixel placed on your website, to match that listener to the specific actions that you define! While Audiohook operates on a default 30-days to take action after the advertisement is played until the action is taken (this is referred to as a 'Look-back Window', and anything that happens outside of that window we do not take credit for), we can provide reporting for any timeframe within that 30 days should your needs be unique.


Audiohook provides multiple avenues of reporting, and while our UI does provide up-to-date summaries of your campaign performance using the default 30-Day look-back, it's as easy as putting in a data request and we can get you exactly what you're looking for!

Using Audiohook for Measuring Ad Performance

At Audiohook, we take the headache and guesswork out of measuring your advertising efforts. Define the action that means success to you, and we'll take the rest of the work off your plate. We have the tools and infrastructure to make sure you get the most accurate and reliable information in a timely manner. Let us show you how easy it can be to track your ad's performance and take the guesswork out of ad measurement.

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