Brand Suitability Overview

What is Brand Suitability. How does it relate to GARM.

Per Wikipedia, "Brand safety is a set of measures that aim to protect the image and reputation of brands from the negative or damaging influence of questionable or inappropriate content when advertising online."

The natural question that often follows when discussing brand safety is how do we define or label what content is inappropriate or questionable. To answer this very question, the World Federation of Advertisers formed a cross-industry initiative called the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

GARM provides a Brand Safety and Suitability Framework for evaluating content. It is divided into eleven categories with three different risk criteria which is shown below.

Audiohook has partnered with the two industry leading brand safety providers which process and evaluate audio content using the GARM framework. They are Barometer and Sounder.

Learn more about enabling Brand Suitability within Audiohook here.

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