Campaign Management Tips

Tips to manage and optimize live audio campaigns

Here are a few steps to take to check and resolve potential issues while managing audio campaigns:

  1. Review campaign settings: Verify your campaigns' settings, including start and end dates, budgets, and status. Ensure there are no errors or inconsistencies that may have caused the campaigns to stop serving.
  1. Check targeting criteria: Assess your targeting parameters, such as geolocation, demographics, device types, and contextual categories. Make sure they are not too narrow, which could limit your campaigns' reach.
  1. Evaluate creative assets: Confirm that your audio creatives are approved, meet platform specifications, and are in the correct format. Resolve any issues with creative assets to ensure they can be served properly.
  1. Analyze pacing and budget allocation: Review your campaigns' pacing and budget allocation to ensure they are on track and not over-delivering or under-delivering. Adjust the pacing or redistribute the budget among campaigns if necessary.
  1. Monitor bid performance: Assess your campaigns' bid performance and win rates. If your bids are too low, consider increasing them to be more competitive in the auction. Keep in mind that the programmatic audio market may have fluctuations in inventory prices, so adjust your bids accordingly.
  1. Optimize frequency capping: Review your frequency capping settings to ensure they are not too restrictive. Overly aggressive frequency caps can limit your campaigns' reach and cause them to stop serving. Adjust the settings based on your campaign goals and audience size.
  1. Assess inventory availability: Investigate the inventory sources your campaigns are targeting. If there's limited inventory available or if you are targeting a niche audience, consider expanding your targeting to include additional inventory sources or content categories.
  1. Analyze performance metrics: Examine your campaigns' performance metrics, such as impressions, click-through rates (CTR), and conversions. Identify any trends or issues that may be impacting performance and make necessary optimizations.
  1. Consult with platform support: If you're unable to identify the issue or require further assistance, reach out to your programmatic audio platform's support team for guidance and troubleshooting.

By following these steps and addressing potential issues, you can help get your audio campaigns back on track and ensure they continue to serve and deliver results. Remember to continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns to achieve long-term success in the programmatic audio space.

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