Customizing Campaign View

In the campaign tab, an overview of all campaigns set up on the account is a quick way to see some details on those campaigns. The view can be edited to see specific details or remove unnecessary details based on the campaign manager's needs.

The campaign tab will start with the following view. Click on Customize Columns.

A window will appear with the options for columns. Turn them on or off and apply.

Here is the view with all columns selected. Below is an explanation for each.

  • Campaign: Name of the campaign. Click on the name to go in to edit the campaign.
  • Status: Turn the campaign on or off. Campaigns will not serve outside of their run dates, but you can turn off a campaign during its run time.
  • Type: Type of budget
  • Budget: Budget in impressions or dollars.
  • Duration: Number of days in total from start to end dates
  • Pacing: This bar will demonstrate visually the progress of the campaign. The dot is where it is at in the length of the campaign. The progress bar should be near or on this dot to be on target and will show as green. It will show as red or yellow when it is not pacing close to the campaign budget.
  • Projected Delivery: This is the expected percentage of the budget that will be spent when the campaign ends based on current pacing projections.
  • Start Date: When the campaign will start (0:00 UTC)
  • End Date: When the campaign will end (0:00 UTC)
  • Impressions: Total impressions for this campaign so far. (Updates hourly)
  • CPM: Average CPM per impression.
  • Spend: Total spend for this campaign so far. (Updates hourly)
  • ROAS: Return On Ad Spend requires a look-back window of a week or two to give an accurate number
  • Actions: Click the double page icon to duplicate, or the box icon to archive.
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