Creating Audiences

This article will walk through how to create different types of audiences that can later be used within your campaigns campaigns.

1. Click on Audiences on the left and click + New Audience 2. Fill in the audience name, and create an optional tag. 3. Choose segment type: 1. First-Party Segments refer to data that you have collected directly. Examples would include users that visit your website - also known as retargeting data, CRM data, leads, etc. Choose between the three options under First Party Segments 1. First Party Segments: Click on + Add first one then input a URL or Event 2. CRM data: Click on Open Importer and upload a csv file. 3. CDP data: Click on open CDP csv importer and upload a csv file 2. Third-Party data is data that has been obtained by another organization. For example, Mastercard purchase data, demographic data, etc. Select +Add Third Party Segment and type in your keyword and select from the search options that appear. In the example image, I used the keyword "female" and that pulled up the options which then can be selected with the + sign on the right. Multiple keywords can be used as shown below. 3. Contextual Topic Targeting is data that is extracted from the audio content the user is consuming. Enter specific keywords or upload a custom keyword list via csv by utilizing the importer tool.. 4. After completing your desired audience parameters click Create to save.

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