Creating Campaigns

The following article offers a step by step guide on how to set up your Advertiser campaign in the UI.

1. Select Campaigns on the left side. 2. Click + New Campaign. (If you select Collapse in the lower left-hand corner, the menu column will reduce to icons. The rest of the screenshots in this tutorial will show the collapsed column.) 3. General Information. Fill in the campaign name, start and end dates, pacing, and budget. The daily budget will be automatically calculated. The CPM will be automatically optimized and can be adjusted anytime. 4. Audience. (Optional) Fill in your audience information and geographical filter. +Add another audience will take you to select an audience that you have previously created. Select +New Audience to create a new one and your campaign will be saved as a draft while you make a new audience. 5. Inventory. (Optional) Specific inventory can be selected. If nothing is selected, it defaults to use all our inventory. We recommend the default in order to reach more of your audience. You can also activate a Brand Safety Filter which connects you to services like Barometr and Soundbar. This keeps your ad campaign from running on blocked categories of interest. 6. Creatives. Here you can select your ad (creative) by selecting +Add first Creatives Select from your previously uploaded creatives and click Apply items If you have multiple creatives for one campaign, our system will automatically divide the campaign budget between them evenly. If you choose to change the percentage, change the lower one first. New creatives can be uploaded in the Creatives tab in the left-hand column. Remember to save your campaign as a draft if you have to navigate away to upload new creatives. 7. Optimization and Attribution. Here you can set your Max CPM. Either use our auto-optimized CPM or specify your own. Select your campaign goal. Choose between Website Visits or Purchases. Goal optimization can be used to work with Audiohook Pixels. If you don't use Audiohook Pixels, leave it on No Optimizations. See the article on goal optimization for more details: 8. Summary. Here you have a chance to review your campaign. 9. Click Submit to start your campaign.

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