Troubleshooting Campaigns

The following help article will highlight a few campaign troubleshooting tips to help clients manage and diagnose common occurrences that may arise.

Account Status

To ensure that accounts on the Audiohook platform are legitimate, we require billing information and a payment method be completed while onboarding. This step is critical to enable the account to run live campaigns. By default, new accounts are not enabled to run live campaigns.

To fix this, complete the billing and payment information on your account.

Below is what you will see on the UI if we are missing billing and payment information on an advertiser account:


The CPM is probably one of the most common reasons for a campaign that hasn't yet served, partially delivering, or not delivering at all. It’s important to note that Audiohook reduces the CPM to account for other costs such as 3rd party segments, integrations, and the platform fee.

For example, a $10 CPM in the UI that is targeting a 3rd party audience of $1.50 CPM and has a data integration that costs an additional $0.25 gets reduced down to = 10 *0.75 - 1.50 - .25 = $5.75 CPM *Note that is with a 25% platform fee calculated in as an example for this exercise.

Another point to keep in mind, are campaigns that may have similar targeting with a higher CPM.

For example, if you have two different advertisers that are both targeting Ogden UT. One advertiser has a CPM of $15 and a $5k daily budget and the other advertiser has a CPM of $14. The $14 CPM is likely high enough to win impressions on its own, however in this example, it will not win any impressions until the $15 CPM campaign hits its daily budget.

Campaign Specific Targeting

This can be publisher-specific, geo-specific, segment specific, etc. To troubleshoot this, you may want to create a small test campaign and start to layer on the specific elements.

For example, say you have a campaign that is retargeting a website, targeting Ogden, UT, and applying a website segment. Try first building a test campaign that just targets Ogden, UT, and set the budget for $5. Once you start to see that serving, then you can move on to exclusively test the website segment.

  • Note for those with several advertiser accounts: It’s important to do this test in the specific advertiser account you are optimizing, as the issue may be uniquely related to that particular advertiser account. For example - an advertiser could not be experiencing any optimization issues at all and simply just be getting blocked by publishers. These steps will allow you to narrow and eliminate more obvious issues.

Another possible way that targeting could affect the performance of a campaign is if the targeting is too narrow overall. Check how many parameters are being used to target within your campaign. If you have selected an Audience interested in shoes in Utah, and selected an Inventory option of only podcasts related to shoes, the targeting defined is too narrow. We recommend that if you have an audience similar this, you either select "no inventory playlist" during campaign creation so it defaults to our entire selection of inventory options or you can select "All Podcasts" (or All Streaming or All Radio Stations) when creating an inventory playlist. As you are applying different targeting logic to your unique campaigns, keep in mind that people interested in shoes listen to a wider range of topics than podcasts exclusively about shoes.

Pixel Implementation

Until Audiohook Pixels are implemented on a website, our system will not receive any data that you've intended to track for website visits and purchases. See the included article for instructions on how to install or check the installation of Pixels.

Creative Slots

We accept 15, 30, and 60-second audio creative. However, 30-second creatives have a wider range of available placements across our inventory resources. This means, that a campaign set up with 30-second audio placements will more than likely have a performance advantage over a similar campaign with a 15-second or 60-second creative. There are of course always exceptions and this optimization tip is determined by an advertiser's specific product, location, and campaign targeting settings.

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