Enabling Brand Suitability in Audiohook

This article covers how to enable brand suitability at the campaign level

Media buyers can enable brand suitability when using the Audiohook platform.

When setting up or editing a campaign, navigate to the inventory section, and then enable Brand Suitability by clicking on the Brand Safety Toggle under the Podcasts section.

The user will then be prompted to select one or more providers and configure the brand safety thresholds. You can learn more about each setting here.

It's important to note that brand safety only applies to Podcast inventory. Streaming inventory such as digital radio is governed by the FCC as is considered brand-safe. Music streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify do not share the exact songs or artists that consumers are listening to which prevents Audiohook from applying brand safety. Finally, emerging inventory is typically played as a standalone audio ad in which case brand safety does not apply.

Applying Brand Suitability may significantly impact the amount of inventory available.

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