Campaign Pacing Options

Audiohook supports several campaign pacing models which are described in detail below.

Even - Adaptive Daily Pacing (Default)

TLDR - This is the current campaign default setting and recommended model to start with.

This pacing model is designed to ensure even delivery throughout the campaign. However, in the case of under-delivery, this model recognizes the under-delivery and every day dynamically adjusts the daily budget to make up for the prior day's under-delivery. This model works well when under-delivery is minor. In the case where under-delivery is significant, the campaign could deliver a significant amount of impressions in a single day as it tries bring the campaign back to pacing within a single day.

Even - Adaptive Lifetime Pacing

TLDR - This pacing model ensures smooth deliver of the campaign with minimal spikes in delivery.

Similar to the other Adaptive pacing model, this model too is designed to ensure even delivery throughout the campaign. The main difference is if under-delivery does occur, rather than attempting to make up campaign delivery the very next day, the model calculates a new daily budget that will ensure the campaign fully delivers by the end of the campaign. The model is helpful if the campaign has been under-delivering for an extended period because its smooths out the corrective action over a longer period of time.

Daily Fixed:

TLDR - This is useful for those clients that have a very strict daily budget caps.

This option will break out the campaign spend by actual days of the campaigns life and evenly distribute. I will not try to adjust for any prior under-delivery.

Front Loaded:

TLDR - This pacing model is helpful for months when delivery get challenging toward the end of the campaign.

This campaign model serves a larger amount of the campaign spend toward the beginning of the campaign's life and slowly tapers off as it approaches the end date. This model is great for notoriously slower months and holiday seasons. Using December as an example, advertisers may prefer to heavy up the first two weeks of the month and taper off as we approach the actual holiday weeks.

Back Loaded:

TLDR - The pacing model is helpful when making initial optimizations.

This campaign model starts out serving a smaller amount of the campaigns spend/impressions and ramps up as it approaches the end date. This option is great for campaigns driving specific performance goals. Clients lean on this setup when trying to gauge the initial targeting options and optimizations that were initially set. It gives the campaign time to build up performance data and time to apply those optimizations toward the heavier part of the remaining spend.

As Fast As Possible:

TLDR: This model does exactly as it states and will serve your budget as quickly and immediately, as possible.

This option takes all of the components of the initial campaign setup and spends the budget as quickly and as fast as possible, regardless. This setting is best used for campaign flight dates shorter than 7 days, incremental spend, very specific brand pushes (such as major holiday sales - Memorial day weekend, Labor Day, Black Friday, Etc).

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