Excluding an Email List

The following article will walk you through how to exclude a list of emails from the inventory or audience options. First, you will need to create the audience by uploading the email addresses. Once input, you will then exclude that audience while you are creating the campaign.

To create an audience to exclude, select First Party Segments in Segment type then click on CRM data, then click on Open Importer to upload your CSV list. Click Create to save the audience.

In the campaign you would like to exclude this audience from, you will need to make two audience selections in order to have the option to exclude this list. First select the audience you would like to target, then add the audience you would like to exclude.

Change the drop-down between the two audiences (marked with a red box in the example below) to exclude and you will now exclude your list of emails. (Note - if you added them in a different order, drag to change the order of the audiences listed.)

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