Companion Banner Ad


When creating a new audio creative or editing an existing one, you have the option to include a companion banner (highlighted in red below). This guide will take you through how to do this.


To add a companion banner, you will need an image and corresponding URL. Once in the "Edit Creative" screen you will first update update the image or your choice. If you do not provide an image for the companion ad, we will use your logo for the image.

From there, you will input a corresponding URL for the companion ad if desired. If no URL is provided, the this field will default to the URL you originally provided when the account was initially created. We do support UTMs in the URL for additional tracking.

Once you have added your information, click Create Creative to save. Your companion banner should now be associated to the creative.


Adding a companion banner to an existing creative is simple, once you have the right information. Follow the steps in this article, click Create Creative and you are good to go!

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