Multiple Audiences

Using the AND, OR, and EXCLUDE Options with Campaigns in Audiohook

Audiohook provides options to add multiple audiences to campaigns in order to reach your desired audience. You can decide how to target these audiences by using the three options: AND, OR, and EXCLUDE.

AND Option

The AND selection allows you to target the combined audience of the chosen audiences. This selection will narrow down the reach of your campaign, as it requires that people fall within both of the chosen audiences.

OR Option

The OR selection allows you to target either of the chosen audiences - but not both. This will increase the reach of your campaign, as it allows people to fall into either one of the chosen audiences.


The EXCLUDE selection allows you to exclude certain audiences from the targeting. This will only display the campaign to the people who don't belong to the excluded audience(s).


By using the AND, OR, and EXCLUDE options, you will be able to carefully target or exclude certain audiences when creating an Audiohook campaign. When in doubt, refer back to this guide or contact a team member to learn more about targeting campaigns.

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